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Places I've explored

Variety is the spice of life!  I love heading to new places, meeting new people, and exploring new destinations!  I am so blessed that my hubby understands my love for travel and allows me the flexibility to get away when needed!  I'm not sure where my next adventure will lead me, but I know it's going to be somewhere awesome! 

Books I'm reading

In my head, I want a Book Club with a super snazzy name, like "Book Bunnies", "Random Readers" or "Bookacholics", HOWEVER, I really don't have time for another "something" in my life, so I"ll just share here!  I'm super active on Good Reads, so pause here and go follow me there (really, go ahead and go check it out).  Also, If you don't know what Good Reads is, we need to talk! 


I'll share my 2020 books here as well cause #1 - I love a reading challenge (it's the nerd/lifelong learner in me) and #2 - some people don't like to read and they just need a quick recap for networking or general knowledge. I get it and I'm here for  you!! 

Tunes I jam to..

As the great artist of my early 20s, Missy Elliott, once said, Music Make You Lose Control!  I'll share my various playlists from my yoga classes, as well as what I'm listening to while running, worshiping, or on my Peloton!

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Seoul,  South Korea