Mother’s Day is one of those holidays that people either love or hate, for various reasons. I realized that Mother’s Day can be especially hard those those that lost their mom or have a strained relationship with their mom. To those, I hope that you find one seed of joy in the day, instead of stating how much you hate Mother’s Day :-)

I personally LOVE Mother’s Day - It’s like a second birthday in my household! My kids are always making me some random picture or craft and trying to get something from TJ Maxx for me! My hubby will get me some sneakers or something random that I would never buy for myself…it’s usually all rainbows and butterflies! There are many ways to celebrate Mother’s Day, but my way is with my family and my auntie/BFF! We planned a quick trip to Baltimore, MD to enjoy lobster rolls, Chick-fil-A and Marvel movies.

My mom is still here and will remind us (my brother and I) that she doesn’t need or want anything…so I usually send her a Saks gift card to use at some point during the year when she “wants” something. I can’t remember doing anything special or giving her anything when I lived at home, but I know she’s worth everything in the world that she wants or needs!

Mother’s Day this year is a bit more special because it marks 1 year of my website launch! It’s been a wild ride since then, being quarantined for longer than originally anticipated, leaving Corporate America and working in the yoga studio more than usual. I’ve tried to keep the site updated as much as possible, and it’s been a great landing pad for my yoga schedule and events, financial planning sessions, and devotion musings! I love my path as a CPA, Yoga Teacher, wife, and daughter, but my favorite title is mommy/ma/mom/mama/mummy! My two little bunnies make my heart sing in addition to frazzling every single nerve…and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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I started this post in August 2020 and never got around to completing it. A rainy day at the beach in April 2021 makes it the perfect time to contemplate and write!

Day 6,482 of limiting the number of places we go and staying 6 feet away from family, friends and strangers. There are so many things that were challenging about this phase for extroverts and huggers! Yes, we are in 2021, but I’m LOVING the lessons I learned during this pandemic!

  1. When people show you who they are, believe it (the first time). I know this is an old one, but it never stops proving itself! Do I believe people change? Yes. Will I take you at face value as you are presenting yourself? Yep!

  2. The actual, real life people are more important than running a profitable business (especially in a pandemic). So many times students would come into the studio and just lie on their mats. There were some tears. Some frustrations. And it reminded me of my responsibility as a “space holder” in sharing this yoga practice. Look at the people…love on the people…support the people! And that’s about the time Kara and I changed our mission for the studio - love, serve and support others!

  3. God is faithful…always. Even in a pandemic! There were moments when my business partner wanted to give away EVERYTHING 😂 I remember thinking, how are we going to pay this rent! You know what? We made rent with VERY limited resources all but 1 month!

  4. People make time for what they want to make time for. Myself included. Communicating that I really WANT to support you, or I’m just so busy, or I do X, so I can’t do Y with you right now 😒 I find that generally, people have control over their schedules and make a choice daily what they want to do or see happen in their lives. So if spending time with a friend is a priority, make it happen. Need some self-care? Make it happen. Need 10 minutes to pray or meditate? MAKE.IT.HAPPEN! No excuses!

  5. Time is a blessing. Hard stop.

What did you learn during 2020? More importantly, how have you used those lessons to make 2021 better?!

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I realized this week that I hadn’t posted to my blog or on Social Media much this month on my feed (in the stories, yes, cause that’s fast and fun). I’m in a stage of long-term, strategic thought, while focusing on a yoga practice that reminds me to stay present…confusing, I know! So, I’ve been focusing on removing the confusion as I evaluate my attachment to things, places and people. I’ve been praying about different areas of my life and, true to my word of the year, illuminate, different things have become clearer!

I realized and was reminded this morning that as an extrovert, I am energized by being around people. In those months that we were “sheltered in place”, I was somewhat downcast and just wanted to sleep. I remember going to bed early and sleeping late. Not my usual, but, looking back, it was definitely the people factor. My introverted friends are living their best lives in seclusion right now!! On the up side, I’ve made new friends IRL that I would never have met in my bubble in Harrisburg…that energizes me!

In my new free time, I’ve committed to trying things outside of my normal routine. I recently attended a beautiful class led by a Jewish woman and she taught a lesson on Purim - I’ve been captivated all week since taking the class! And now I’m out here studying the Hebrew Bible from a Jewish perspective. I also attended a class at Dharma Yoga Center in New York and wow…complete 180 from the vinyasa style of yoga that I’m accustomed to practicing! It was a reminder that there is no “one size fits all” in yoga. I ended the class breathing and thinking, stay open to trying new teachers, new styles, and appreciating the different limbs of yoga.

In the end, I’m in a place of contentment. Contentment with decisions I’ve made, thoughts I’ve turned to action and words I’ve said. I’m content with my family and our home, my mental, spiritual and physical health, and my relationship with Jesus.

That all felt real deep so I’ll share some exciting things! I’m excited to continue to teach at Charlotte Family Yoga weekly! I have the opportunity to teach at The Met in Charlotte with @sweatnetcharlotte on March 2nd at 6:00! Expect laughs, sweat, and an upbeat playlist! I’m also teaching online through a new app called #Zenia Friday at 12:00 PM! More exciting things are in the pipeline as I adjust to this time being a "full-time" yoga teacher!

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