Devotion for this month comes in the form of random scriptures from my morning readings :-) You know, sometimes you just gotta let spirit lead and not be "on task" with finishing up the book of Corinthians.  That's how I roll in my bible study and quiet time with the Lord!


My heart has been on asking God to show me what he wants from me in this moment.  As I transition from my corporate America job soon, I want my days to be rooted and grounded in where the Lord leads me!  So for this, I ask that he create in me a clean, pure, ready heart!  Let my thoughts and desires please Him! Let me in devotion be to Him only!

"Create a new, clean heart within me. Fill me with pure thoughts and holy desires, ready to please you ."."


Psalms 51:10

My prayer today is that we seize every day and yield it to the Lord's purpose.  Where we may have made plans, ask God to change them so they align with His will and purpose for our lives.  Where ever we may go, Lord use it as a divine intervention that we may show the world the love of Christ, In Jesus name - Amen!

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