My story

Who am I?  What's my story?  I'm still learning and evolving everyday!  Right now, in 2020, I can say that I am (in no particular order):

+ a passionate learner of the unknown

+ a devoted wife

+ a lover of books

+ a Christ follower

+ a mom of two

+ an avid traveler



I also LOVE to eat - I will travel near and far for great food!  But strangely, I'm a picky foodie; go figure!  So living my best life includes traveling somewhere far away and trying a cuisine that is local to the area that I'm visiting.  I'll try almost anything as long as there are not eyes looking at me on the plate (lesson learned when ordering fish in Paris, France) and doesn't have white sauce on it.  There is just something about a white sauce.  I have no idea where that phobia came from, but it's been my story for the last 20 years so I'm sticking with it!  The most interesting thing I've eaten lately was cauliflower gnocchi with harissa sauce from Trader Joe's - thanks Covid-19!

Oh and my latest passion? YOGA!! Seriously obsessed with the history, mental and physical practice.  Y'all, I loved yoga so much that I bought into a yoga studio before getting any types of formal training!  I am usually super methodical about my spending (I will leave something in my cart for 3 months before pulling the trigger) so when I was 1000% excited when the opportunity presented itself, I prayed and said, "YES - NEW MISSION FIELD!!"

A yoga studio with a Christian owner? Yes - I am fully in love with Jesus and strong in my faith, and exploring this Eastern practice and the many healing properties it brings to the mind, body and spirit.  I am so incredibly grateful for the strength, love, and compassion I'm able to share every single day with our Yoga Tribe! 

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