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Boundaries, Balance and Forgiveness

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Hello October! October is one of my favorite months - the leaves change, the air gets crisper, my allergies calm down and Pumpkin Spice is fully accepted! As we ease out of quarantine (and I say that with a grain of salt), I’m carefully navigating what it means to find balance in my life. On October 15, I will be leaving my Corporate America job for full time entrepreneurship! As exciting as that is, I’m cautiously weighing where I say yes and no to events and activities as to not overwhelm myself and my family. I’ve been know to try and “do it all” and I always end of irrigated, upset or just plain moody! So my mind continuously ponders - how do you keep your boundaries in check to stay balanced, mind, body, soul, spirit and CALENDAR!

I often find myself “busy” for no real reason at all and the next time I look up, it’s 3:00 PM! After a few days of this, I realize that I’m “out of balance” and have to work consciously to reel it all back in! This month, I’ve realized that I had to let go of teaching some yoga classes and stick to having my Tuesday, Saturday and Sundays open, maybe not going to EVERY church event, and intentionally setting “white noise” time on my schedule. I absolutely LOVE talking to people about their finances and financial planning, however, when it’s too much on the calendar at one time, burnout of your passion arrives sooner than expected!

Even though I’ve made plans to keep my boundaries and often fail, I always give myself grace to try again another day. Grace and forgiveness. The two attributes that make me a more compassionate human. I often come back to grace and forgiveness as the balance that brings me back to center. Back to keeping Jesus at the center of my life. Back to seeing others as the Father sees them!

My prayer for you throughout this month is that as you seek boundaries and balance in your life, you will cultivate the strength to forgive and show grace to others, as well as yourself!

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