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Getting Ready to Dream Big!

If you've been around me any amount of time, I STAY with a crazy idea, business venture, or random thought. Sometimes these random thoughts turn into businesses (y'all remember The Posh Piglet - great write off for all of Adrianna's baby clothes!) and sometimes they die on the vine, BUT I never stop dreaming. I've found that although I'm content with my life, where I am, and how I'm showing up in the world for myself and others, there's always space to dream a little bit bigger!

My how and why?! Well, while some people make resolutions for the beginning of the year (can you believe we are almost in November already?!), I will usually start getting quiet, letting go of the strong Power yoga practices in November and begin to search for my word for the next year. This word is literally the my anchor for the following year. No matter what monthly intentions or weekly focus points I have, I will always come back to my word for the year. I even put it the word a mantra band, along with a scripture and the year. Once I got my word, I start my...

VISION BOARD!! I LOVE vision boards and have been doing them for the last 8 years or so. They allow me to through any and everything against a plain white board and get a little creative with markers and stickers. Reminds me of Vicie circa 1990 with the LIsa Frank pens and stickers and reminiscing on THAT brings me joy!

After I get my vision board together, I make time to think about high level action steps and milestones. Cause those action plans pave the way for accountability! Every year it's something different, maybe a couple of really big goals are the same (like leaving Corporate America, which was on there the last few years). I keep the boards on a book shelf in my office and notice over time how the dreams eventually manifest themselves, either through direct action or through connections and relationships I've made throughout the years!

This is the first year I get to do a Vision Board Party outside of Corporate America! I'm slowly gathering the magazines and getting my snack menu together for food, fun, and an afternoon of dreaming! If you would like to join me and a few friends, check out the information below to register!

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