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It’s ok to say, “I wasn’t ready”

It’s ok to look back and say, “I wasn’t ready.”

I absolutely love this pic (thread the needle and I was there for every relaxing bit of it!)! It was taken at the Van Gogh with Lifeway Kefir Immersive Yoga experience last week. I’m so excited and HONORED to teach at the Immersion experience on Thursday mornings at 8:30 am! There have been so many opportunities for me to practice and teach yoga in some amazing spaces this past year - so much gratitude for my name being in the room where it happens!

I’ve been practicing and teaching for awhile now and I remember thinking, I want to teach here..and there, and I should be an ambassador here and there. This weekend, as I taught my first all-levels class at the White Water Center, while driving home it dawned on me…I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t ready to teach, and cue, and notice/acknowledge each person individually and allow them to see me. The real me, not the me I showed to the world because I was busy being everything to everybody. But this weekend, I showed up as myself. Corny, playful, full of shenanigans, but able to bring the students back to the basics of practice - breath and movement.

I wasn’t ready to answer questions about breath techniques because I was barely taking deep breaths 3 years ago. My shallow breathing, fast paced life was all I knew. Gratitude for this path that I’m on and the teachers that were patient enough to walk with me, notice my immaturity and still love on me and guide me in the right direction. I love how God strategically places the right people around me at the right time!

These days, as I slow down and move into being instead of doing (it’s still a balancing act!), I’m able to find comfort in knowing exactly who I am and how I’m show up in this world. It’s taken a whole lot of courage to face some deep fears, prayers to release control, and surrender to the purpose and will that God has for my life! I still have aspirations to do great things, but I’m ok with acknowledging, with the biggest smile, “I’m not ready”.

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