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Joy is My Superpower!

Feeling a whole lot of joy in my spirit these past few months ✨💜 My best advice to my future self (and my kiddos) is to continue to Surround yourself with people and experiences that bring you JOY!

Joy is such a magical state of being. It is often mistaken for a constant state of happiness, but that’s not joy. Joy is a choice. Choosing your mindset and response to the changing activities of life and emotions in

dealing with those we travel on the journey of life is empowering and essential on the path to joy!

Joy is my superpower 💜

Joy is magical 💜

Joy keeps my heart open to experiencing new and magical things.

What’s bringing me joy these days?

✨Intentionally making dates with friends 👯‍♀️

✨Listening to my body each morning and making a decision on what I need for my physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual self 🫀

✨Continuing my Ayurvedic studies, shifting to consciously listening to my body as the seasons change and sharing my personal revelations with others 🌱 (Shout out to @gracemillsapyoga for my VERY comprehensive Ayurvedic consult in this season!)

✨ My family - hubby, kids, and Maple - they are a handful, but constantly remind me to slow down and listen, laugh and love 💜

What patterns are keeping you from experiencing joy?

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