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Self-Study and Reflection

I realized this week that I hadn’t posted to my blog or on Social Media much this month on my feed (in the stories, yes, cause that’s fast and fun). I’m in a stage of long-term, strategic thought, while focusing on a yoga practice that reminds me to stay present…confusing, I know! So, I’ve been focusing on removing the confusion as I evaluate my attachment to things, places and people. I’ve been praying about different areas of my life and, true to my word of the year, illuminate, different things have become clearer!

I realized and was reminded this morning that as an extrovert, I am energized by being around people. In those months that we were “sheltered in place”, I was somewhat downcast and just wanted to sleep. I remember going to bed early and sleeping late. Not my usual, but, looking back, it was definitely the people factor. My introverted friends are living their best lives in seclusion right now!! On the up side, I’ve made new friends IRL that I would never have met in my bubble in Harrisburg…that energizes me!

In my new free time, I’ve committed to trying things outside of my normal routine. I recently attended a beautiful class led by a Jewish woman and she taught a lesson on Purim - I’ve been captivated all week since taking the class! And now I’m out here studying the Hebrew Bible from a Jewish perspective. I also attended a class at Dharma Yoga Center in New York and wow…complete 180 from the vinyasa style of yoga that I’m accustomed to practicing! It was a reminder that there is no “one size fits all” in yoga. I ended the class breathing and thinking, stay open to trying new teachers, new styles, and appreciating the different limbs of yoga.

In the end, I’m in a place of contentment. Contentment with decisions I’ve made, thoughts I’ve turned to action and words I’ve said. I’m content with my family and our home, my mental, spiritual and physical health, and my relationship with Jesus.

That all felt real deep so I’ll share some exciting things! I’m excited to continue to teach at Charlotte Family Yoga weekly! I have the opportunity to teach at The Met in Charlotte with @sweatnetcharlotte on March 2nd at 6:00! Expect laughs, sweat, and an upbeat playlist! I’m also teaching online through a new app called #Zenia Friday at 12:00 PM! More exciting things are in the pipeline as I adjust to this time being a "full-time" yoga teacher!

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