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The Blessing in Forgiveness and Inner Peace

Have you ever been in a phase in life where someone has hurt you deeply and completely? I’m not talking about a hair stylist cutting your hair too short or you weren’t invited to a party. I’m talking about a relational breach of trust, an attack on your family, or a personal attack on your character? Mad to the point where you fully retreat and dismiss people or go full steam ahead to get away from a person, situation or circumstance?

I call this a phase because we cannot live life in a space of unforgiveness. I remember the day that I decided to release some unforgiveness from a past relationship hurt. IT FELT SO FREEING! Hearing from God was not new to me; however, it was getting VERY hard to hear in those moments. Eventually, I was able to clearly hear from God more because my heart was not closed out. I was able to move my body more because I was able release the stress in my hamstrings, shoulders and neck that unforgiveness had lodged into my body.

Once I was able to release unforgiveness, I began to experience true inner peace. Peace that did not question or come back to the issues that initiated the unforgiveness. Peace that allowed me to sleep peacefully and not go through worry. This inner peace moved me into space of equanimity (Google says, a state of psychological stability and composure which is undisturbed by experience of or exposure to emotions, pain, or other phenomena that may cause others to lose the balance of their mind). My spirit was renewed with consistent joy, peace, love, patience, kindness, goodness, and faithfulness!

It's a true blessing to walk into this space. Is it to stay with this mindset? No, because…life. But it's always available to me when I become still and begin to listen to what the Spirit has to say. It requires me to let go of my schedule and cling to God's word. I withdraw and take some time to land on my yoga mat, clear my mind through the practice of intentional breathing and meditation.

As we enter the season of thanksgiving and gratitude, allow the Spirit to lead and guide you. Accept the peace that comes with living life in right standing with the Creator. Forgive your past, those that wronged you…forgive yourself for stewing in it too long! Forgive, and find peace, joy and love in your heart and mind again!

“I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid." John 14:27 (NLT)

Don't Let Behavior of Others Destroy Your Inner Peace” – Dalai Lama

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