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The Manicured Marriage

So, there's this thing I've been working on, apparently since April 2018 :-) and I'm almost ready to share it with the world! Remember seeing my relationship themed posts every week for #MarriageMonday?!? There was a very specific purpose behind it - I've been writing a book!

After spending the first month in quarantine, in late April, I began to clean out my personal computer and found an outline of a book I had titled and began on an airplane to somewhere overseas (I think my first trip to Bali) in 2018. As I had time to slow down and think about life, I kept thinking, there has to be something more than this...continuously transitioning roles and trying to climb this corporate ladder can't be life! Why can't I just use my brain power for my own good? I need to re-brand myself...enter Raudhah Rahman, the business coach/digital platform queen!

We created branded colors to fit my personality, logos for my social media posts, a website (because I wanted to start writing a blog), and an entire online platform to house my life post Corporate America! Raudhah's probing questions of "So, what else?" led me to spill my guts about this book idea. Without hesitation she said, "Ok, let's create a plan and do it!". Say what now?! Ummmm...ok! And outside of teaching 12 million yoga classes, that's how I've been spending my free time at home!

Thinking and writing, writing and talking with my husband about our time in marriage counseling, managing finances, and working through our differences. Life threw a couple of curve balls that slowed me down, but I've continued to press forward and write with a goal to share what I've learned with whoever needs it! Going through the good, bad and ugly parts of our almost 20 year relationship was not easy, but I found such a sense of peace in my weekly writing. It reminded me that not everything was as bad as I thought it was in that moment. It reminded me that we could overcome anything. It reminded me that one of the best things in life is cheesecake. That probably has nothing to do with marriage, but it was relevant at some point in our relationship!

Oh and my life post-Corporate America?! It begins on October 23, 2020 and I can't wait to see what happens next....

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