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I’ve come into contact with so many people that have trust issues. Whether it’s from a past hurt in a relationship, childhood memories, or a cynicism about life in general - trust is hard for some.

What if…what if you let go of the hurt and tried trust again? What if you surrendered to the sweet calmness that forgiveness offers and being to trust?

Am I saying be naive and trust everyone?! Nope - but we can free ourselves from the emotional roller coaster that comes with not trusting people, environments or experiences…I’m talking to myself here, but if it lands with you, you’re welcome!

There is a release that happens in the mind and body when you begin to trust. Sometimes I don’t understand the when, what, where, how of situations and people (still learning to not lean on my own understanding!), but when I begin to let go of the emotional decisions and completely random opinions, gratitude fills my heart for the experience and I learn to trust reality and not the stories that I’ve concocted in my head. Is it hard? Yes. Thankfully, you/we can do hard things!

I‘m continuing my intention to trust in my Power and Yin classes this week! I hope that you will join me - first class is always free!

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